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    one of the BEST apps/patches that I had on my handy Palm Treo 700p was the Profiles app. It allowed for setting brightness, sound volume, ringtone and other sound settings to be saved as it's own "profile". One could simply launch the app and set "Meeting", where "Meeting" can shut off all tones and dim the display to its lowest setting. "Car" could have the highest brightness and highest settings for all sounds. The best feature was that it could be triggered at specific times of the specified day! I could have a "Sleep" setting that would use more gentle ringtones and SMS tones, as opposed to the loud settings for "Car". Freeware Palm: Profiles v1.07t

    This was free for the Palm Treo 700p, but I'd gladly pay for someone to develop something like this! It's a pain to go through all the settings to change the SMS tones before I go to bed. I have email/SMS alerts going all night, so this would be most useful. Anyone else agree?
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