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    Whilst at home i often turn off 3G and keep it on 2G, and for browsing keep wifi on, end result is that it improves baterry life somewhat, keeps the phone cooler and i personally find wifi a more stable connection than 3G.

    Instead of going to the dialer app, preferences, and turning 3G off and keeping at 2G only, could someone make a patch to add a toggle/menu (Perhaps name it data mode?) to the top bar with the following options:

    2G Only
    3G Only

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    Quote Originally Posted by abiezerf View Post
    2nd Generation cellular standard, also known as GSM, 3rd Generation is 3G, e.g. UMTS

    2G is slower, 3G is faster, this is for GSM Pres only i might add.

    Title should read 2G-3G, wont let me edit the main thread but you get the idea, thanks in advance
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    Oh I apologize I was thinking CDMA Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abiezerf View Post
    Oh I apologize I was thinking CDMA Pre.
    No problem.

    Anyone? =/
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    Still no ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piotrekk View Post
    Still no ideas?
    Nope, there's one for EVDO but none for GSM im afraid, though there was quite a bit of interest in a GSM thread regarding this but lack of interest means theres no interest in a patch for this unfortunately.
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    me too.. 2G/3G Toggle would be nice!
    Maybe ind evice menue where W-LAN can be On/Off

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