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    My final Humble request:

    Currently if you have the volume turned down your alarm will also have it's volume reduced accordingly.

    I humbly request a patch that bypasses the phone's current volume level so that alarm sounds play as loud as they possibly can.

    This is a separate issue from the "Play Alarm Anyway" setting which involves the ringer silent switch.

    I would even consider this a bug on Palm's part.
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    Bump. This really needs to get done. I keep setting alarms and then *not hearing them*!
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    bump. This is VERY important for people that lower the alert volume during the day and then forget to bring it back up so they can hear the alarms in the morning. Alarms should bypass all volume controls and play back at full tilt regardless of the volume on/off switch setting.
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    thread is over a year old but problem persists

    [edit] here is a better explanation:

    The Ringtone and Alarm volume levels should be independent.
    The alarm volume should *not* be affected by the volume rocker keys.
    The alarm volumes should be set globally in the alarms Preference screen.
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    Could someome please explain why we don't have a patch for this yet? Is it that sound profiles are too dificult? Honestly, I think this patch should also include volume "locking" that only allows adjustment through sound settings. I get tired of realizing my volume is down because the volume was lowered in my pocket. I think for now I'm going to try using mode switcher to fix this problem.

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    I don't thinl it's possible with the current API's.

    I'm hoping this is fixed in 2.0
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    I've run into this problem, and found a solution with mode switcher. I have Kees that make my clock app launch + makes the screen never go off when my phone is plugged in and my screen turned off. Takes a couple modes to get it to behave correctly, and one of those also sets my ringer volume high (I like it at about 75 percent wile my phone has the patch applied that apologies volume) but it could be set to be all the way up too.

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