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    Now hear me out. I'm not suggesting that the Pre filter out spam for me. My GMail does a passable job of that. The thing is, when I get a new email and it's in my "Junk" folder, because I've already marked it as spam before, I'd like for it not to show up on the bottom of my Pre in the notification area. Kind of makes the spam filter worthless if I still need to see the spam messages.

    Make sense? Is this possible? Thanks.
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    My pre doesn't seem to even check my junk mail folder. I have to manually check it. so I don't have this problem. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere causing this to happen
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    Is your spam folder favourited?
    Yeah, uhh... it's Kevin. (KevinT was already taken.)

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    I have never had spam trigger a notification. Like something13, my phone doesn't download spam unless I open the folder. This must be a settings issue. I'm looking at my settings, but I don't see anything obvious . . . at least not yet.

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