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    I was wondering if it were possible to create a patch that would have all of your launched apps open in card view or in the background. This meaning if you're in the launcher pages and you open an app, the app that you opened would not go to full screen mode and take over the screen rather it would open in card view and even better yet if it were possible it would not automatically kick you out the launcher rather just open in the background. The same concept would apply when ur opening an app with one already open in full screen mode via the wave bar. Instead of the newly opened app taking over the screen, have it open in the background of the already running app or just have it open in card view which would make both apps visible.

    I find myself either opening 2 or 3 apps at a time, or when opening an app with one running always reverting to the 1st app that I opened. IMO this could help with perceived load time as ur not seeing an app launch over the entire screen and then load, plus I find it easier in the way I approach the phone. Thanks to any feedback and big ups to all the devs. U make my life so much easier
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    This would be interesting. I wouldnt mind having this. maybe have it to where you would hit a key while tapping on the app that way the ones you would want to go to full screen you would just tap them like normal. maybe holding down sym or shift while tapping
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    it just makes alot of sense to me
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    Right on. Like having open new tab in background in opera. Would be super sweet.

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