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    I don't ever have my ringer on since my phone is in my pocket and when it's not, the sound of it vibrating on a table is enough for me.

    So, is it possible to have it so that when the ringer switch is ON that vibrate is on, and when it's OFF, the phone is totally silent?

    I've got the button app, but this would be so much easier.

    Thanks to anyone willing to do this!
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    No patch neeeded. Just go to Sounds & Ringtones.

    Ringer switch off: Mute
    Ringer switch on: Sound & Vibrate, turn ringtone volume all the way down.
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    if you turn the ring tone all the way down. don't plan on using your phone as an alarm clock.

    easy fix. vibrate = on table. silent = on note pad.

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