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    Can someone make a patch so that when you get a email notification, you could just swipe it away and it would be marked as read.
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    would be nice...hopefully someone makes something

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    I'd like this as well. I rarely delete messages, so swiping to mark as read would be more useful to me. Or maybe even swipe left to delete, swipe right to mark as read.
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    ooo, I like this idea, I'll look into it
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    since on the other apps where you can swipe and the option to delete or cancel pops up how about having say delete or mark as read since you can cancel simply by tapping somewhere else
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    I haven't looked at the code, but I wonder if it makes a distinction between swipe left vs swipe right...

    If it does, I think it would be best for one direction to do nothing as it does now (besides get rid of the notification) and the other to mark as read. Possibly two different patches, one for mark as read, and one as delete?
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    i think i misunderstood. I thought you guys were talking about when your in the actual email app. but swiping the email notification and marking as read would be great. doing my delete/read idea above was for when your in the actual app
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    Yes...swipe left to delete and swipe right to mark read would be nice. However, a patch has been developed that gives option to delete from the pop up but this works very erratically because of required sync with the email server. So a more simple fix may just be to swipe to the left to mark read, and to the right to just ignore (for the sake of consistency with right swiping for SMS ignore.

    While we are at about the same "swipeablility" for SMS also? Left marks read and right ignores....
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    yeah i tried the patch with the trash icon to delete but it rarely worked for me. and swipe to delete and mark as read would be awesome!!
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    not sure if this is the thread but it looks like it...but i was installing it thru qi and got this error message

    Edit: i hope this is the right thread...if its not someone point me to the right one thank!
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    Oh man this would be nice. Hope it works out.
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    Any progress?
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    Bumping this up to see if we can get this done. I know there are other threads with this patch request. Would be great to have some mark as read patches for email and messaging. Swiping/mark as read, select multiple messages and mark as read.

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