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    I would love to be able to have a superpatch that takes the most popular patches and puts them together as a single superpatch.

    Any dependencies can be worked out among various patches and the patches can be reapplied easily after an update. I have noticed some patches disappearing after a few days, or after adding another patch. This makes me think there are some dependency issues.

    Perhaps a Patch profile could be added to QuickInstall that stors the list of patches, so that they can all be removed or added as a single operation...

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    good idea!!! this will be gr8...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnash2 View Post
    Any dependencies can be worked out among various patches and the patches can be reapplied easily after an update.
    There is the problem of many patches not working after updates, so you would have to wait while all the patches of the profile are updated before you can install them...
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    Do NOT make superpatches. This sort of idea has already been thought about and I believe the best way to go about it is to create "bundles". We can use all the existing ipkg stuff to create bundles of patches. It would be as simple as making an ipk that had a bunch of dependencies. This is an easy way to maintain it and keep consistent with updates, package id's etc... You would only need to update individual patch packages rather than the entire "superpatch".

    I had already planned to make like a "landscape bundle" ipk that would include all the landscape patches. I'm glad this topic has been brought up, but PLEASE no one merge patches together into a single .patch. When changes need to happen they should happen in one place, not multiple places. If you start creating multi-patch .patch files, you create additional places you have to maintain a patch.

    Again I strongly suggest no one attempt to combine any patches into a single .patch. At this point in time I do not see any combined patches making it's way into webos-patches feed either. I can help anyone who wants to create an ipk bundle though, and maybe we'll start to grow a Patches->Bundles category .

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    Is it possible to make a patch that:
    1. Stores which patches you have installed at the present time
    2. Creates a script that could install all of them one at a time and restart luna
    3. Creates a script that could uninstall all of them one at a time and restart luna
    (just cause I think that is possible...I know we can use EPR..but this w/b another way)
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    You are right, there will be some delay to update the collection of patches for a new software release. That is fine with me, as it is better than spending time applying patches individually that might not work. I prefer something to not work rather than something that works just well enough to **** me off.

    You have thought this through much more than I have and I see the value in patch bundles instead of merging patches. Perhaps the thread could be renamed accordingly.

    I like your idea also, but it might be more of an app. It will be interesting to see what others think.
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    So you are talking about bundling some common ones together?

    Jason's Device Menu combo is great! Would love to see other's like that in the different categories. I just spent almost an hour putting on my 40 patches. :-X
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