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    Personally I have a few apps that I tend to leave open most of the day. I also have the annoying habit of accidentally closing cards I meant to leave open. I'm thinking

    Card Lock: Allow us to lock a card so that it can't be closed until unlocked
    Confirm Close: Give a simply yes/no dialog to confirm the closing of an app

    I haven't looked into the guts of WebOS at all (yet) so I have no idea how possible/difficult those might be. Just throwing out the idea.
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    idk that sounds like a bit more work than learning some self-control....

    I mean it's possible, but won't you just get into the habit of unlocking or confirming and closing it anyway?
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    The point is to have the option to force yourself to stop and think.
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    could a patch be made that locks all cards by default (like widgets kind of) unless you are holding the gesture area?

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