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    Am I the only one for who this patch does not work? after installing it and rebooting nothing more is visible ine the device menu on my pre2 (up to date )
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    Can't get to work in my unlocked ATT Pre3. Shows up in device menu, but option shows 'tmobile' and is greyed-out, not letting me select an on or off option.

    I do have sconix adv dev menu (att/vzw) installed. Does that interfere?

    Used to work fine on my pre2 (w/out sconix). Love the patch.

    On edit: well duh, i guess i should have read the instruction for the sconix adv dev menu.... i just 'showed' data in device menu and now i have the desired functionality. So, maybe jason's patch was indeed conflicting with sconix. But as it turns out, I didnt need jason's patch because I already had sconix installed, which shows the data toggle when configured to do so.
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