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    I have to request

    Request #1
    I have the patch that lets you separate your ringtones for alerts, notification and message which is great. I was wondering if there was a way to change the email to fall under messages category instead of notification category. I don't like my email being the same as the low battery alert and the installing new script alert in preware.

    Request #2
    is there any way to make the ringtone stop once you get a new email just by pressing the power button or home button. I like having 30 sec ringtones for my emails and such so i can make sure i catch them but if I have the phone right next to me I can check them right away but it just keeps going. This can be frustrating if I am on the phone and I get a new message because it play in the ear piece and I have to tell the person on the phone to hold on because I cant hear them
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    Unfortunately we don't have a way to stop sounds (Request #02) the last time i heard. I had this same issue on my old WinMo phone. I would love to see this too, so i can definitely hear my phone if i got a message. Even if this is not possible, i would love to see a port of the Pager / Nagger modification to a patch to accompany the blinking LED -- just a short alert that will play every few minutes.
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    I like these requests

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    since request #2 is a no-go has anyone had a chance to check out my first one?

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