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    I still feel like a newbie with my Pre, even though I've had since July or August!

    I installed this patch on my phone a couple of weeks ago and it was working fine, but suddenly it's not. I double checked my installed packages and it was still there. I removed it (via Preware) and re-installed it, but it's still not working.

    Additionally, the "show battery as percent" patch that I installed at the same time is working, but does not show up as one of my installed patches on Preware.

    I just installed the "enable vibration" patch and that works fine.

    What's going on? Any suggestions?

    PS- please speak slowly as I am slightly technologically challenged - Thank you!
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    Doesn't work for me either. Neither thru Preware or QI.
    I get:
    patching file usr/palm/applications/
    Hunk 1 failed at 126
    hunk 2 failed at 152
    hunk 3 failed at 163
    hunk 4 failed at 178
    hunk 5 failed at 357
    5 out of 5 hunks failed -- saving rejects...
    removing ...

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