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    I also posted this in the web OS Development forum, meaning to post it here

    Would it be possible to create a patch/tweak to turn off the auto answering feature while the phone is picked up off of the touchstone, while ringing? It gets annoying to have to run into the other room to talk on my phone, while telling the other person to hold on, hoping that they can hear me. I keep my Pre on my touchstone on my night stand, and unfortunately, I get less than desirable service in my bedroom, so I have to use my Pre in other locations of my house.


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    Any updates on this? I'd like to second this request for a different reason: I use a touchstone in my vehicle, and it tends to dock/undock repeatedly (maybe once a minute?) while driving. I'm worried it is going to pick up a call for me when I otherwise wouldn't have answered. I've already tried a second touchstone, same behavior. So this patch would remove any consequence of said behavior
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    I tried using it in my car and experienced the same thing. It happened to be raining, I noticed that it did that when my winshield wipers were on (it was raining that day). When I turned them off the touchstone worked fine. Weird.

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