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    I don't know about you guys, but if I list a number as HOME...I never text them. For some reason, I have noticed that certain contacts' numbers list Mobile as the first number, while others list Home as the first number, regardless of the number I input first.

    Is there a way to ease the process of texting by eliminating the ability to even text a home number? Any home number for me is a landline and would never be texted in the first place. Thanks in advance!
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    Sprint actually has a Text-to-Landline service, so it IS possible to text a Home #...however, I can see how a patch would be nice for this. Good call knick!
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    yeah but do many people actually use that feature? I, for one, have never texted a landline and think that even if I had to, I could compose a new text with a number.
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    I've texted a landline accidentally. It can get awkward. hah.
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    yeah, this would be nice. And how about a icon to send email just to round it out?
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    Text to landline is how I get my chuckles . . unfortunately not too many landlines left to have extremely inappropriate comments sent to heh

    It's funny . . . on every level.
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    this would be great

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