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    Another YouTube patch for you guys to enjoy. I'm gonna try one last patch this weekend, then maybe combine all 4 into a multi-mod for convenience sake.

    One thing I was annoyed with, while playing with YouTube in the emulator, was that the video descriptions are plain text. I frequently found myself wanting to click the URLs in the description, but couldn't. So I made a patch for it. It turns all URLs into tappable hyperlinks.
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    zup bro tks for all hard work that you been for the preople. I love so much the video download patch I was waiting for it long ago but hey do you think that you can come up with a patch for videos to play all instead of playing one by one.
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    Can you help me I downloaded the "VIDEO DOWNLOAD PATCH" from Preware to download the youtube videos to my phone, but I can't find the videos??? I connected my USB cord and checked it no videos??? Where can I locate the videos I already download??? Simply can't find the location of the videos????? HELP!!!
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    Two things: first, wrong thread to ask in. Second, they download to /media/internal/download (aka the downloads folder in usb mode)

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