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    So when youre listening to music or anything else with headphones on and you get a phone call or a text message, you about go deaf if you have the alert volume turned up for normal use.

    Would there be a way to control that like they did with the alert volume while on a call?
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    Not sure if there's a way to or not. However, I find that I only have this problem if I'm not listening to music at the time. When music is playing, it fades out and plays a quieter notification sound, but if the music is paused or stopped, then it's way too loud.
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    This would be great! I'd also like to be able to set the volume for dial tones for Bluetooth. Dialing with my Jawbone on is incredibly loud when the volume is adjusted to hear people.

    Anyone see where we can edit this? I poked around a bit but I have a lot to learn about the OS!

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