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    it kind of annoys me when i'm on wifi and i put my phone down for a sec to go do something else real quick, that my wifi has to "boott up" all over again.. that would be like the phone having to search for evdo everytime the screen is off for a few minutes then turned back on.. any hopes for a patch for this? it would be infinately appreciated.
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    It would be nice if there were Power Settings that could be individually created, in multiple profiles. I would like one setting I could easily tap that would enable Bluetooth, disable WiFi, that I could save as "Car". Another that disables Bluetooth, enables WiFi, for everyday use, since Bluetooth drains the battery when left on. Having those profiles available in the same dropdown where we have to set each one manually would be a nice feature IMO.

    I'm sure the issue is to save power. But WiFi doesn't shut off until the screen turns off, so it's longer than a "sec" or two. That's where the user selectable profiles would come in handy.
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    try the app NoDoze...
    Avatar on Left Patch
    Call Rejecter Patch
    Make your messanger look like the iphone's
    SMS tone per Contact
    No Alert During call

    Thanks are always appreciated or for a really big Thanks you can always:
    (it can go a long way to convince my fiancee that this is worth my time)

    Please feel free to PM for more direct assistance.

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