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    we need that.......
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    i read someone saying that it might be a limitation of CDMA which i hope isnt true, this is the first cdma phone ive owned so i cant say for sure but i hope it isnt. But i definetly hope we can get that soon. What i always do is just switch back over and let the other call stay connected, cant get another three ay coming in but i dont have that many important ppl calling me anyways
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    Forget the patch, this issue should really be a fix by Palm. Seems more like a bug as apposed to them just holding out on stock features that should have came with the Pre. Every phone I've owned in the last 9 years knew when a 3rd party hung up and ended that call. Why this phone hangs on to a 3rd caller that's not there 'on hold' is beyond me.. .

    (but hey, might as well make a patch for it. Seems like every other little issue is being addressed by non-Palm developers anyways...)
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    they need to do somethin bout that!!!
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    My old Palm 700p on Verizon had the same limitation...I think my Verizon Blackberry Storm did as well.

    When you were in a 3-way call, the only option was "end all calls".
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    yea i always hated this, it especially sucked when the other caller didn't answer, you either had to have the whole rest of your convo ontheir vm or wait for disconnect
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    Even my old Handspring Silver allowed me to selectively hang up a third party. Or the 5th party, or the 2nd--and it would let the rest of us keep talking. Why are such basic, logical functions left off this "smart" phone? Doesn't seem real smart at this point.
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    This is my #1 complaint about the PRE. Is this something that is patchable? All of my previous Sprint phones (Motorola and Sanyo) did not have this problem.
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    yea this needs to be adressed cuz its annoying to have to call back the other person back. please create a patch to help this problem cuz palm wont do ut anytime soon.
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    every sprint or nextel phone i have had could only hang up all calls....
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    My old Sprint Rumour could do this. I was wondering about this too. I was worried it was using minutes on both calls when I first noticed it.
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    Dude this would be a very very good patch..I will happily donate. I end up missing important calls because of this missing feature from a 600 dollar phone.
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    A search (I know nobody searches anymore, but it's still an option) will show that this is an issue going back as far 1999 at least. The issue is not with Palm but with Sprint (and perhaps all CDMA networks). It was a big topic at the Treo 650 Roadshows that Palm put on. In Chicago, techies from Palm were actually at the event and said that they could not fix that issue because of Sprints network.

    One way to think of it is how you had call waiting on your old landline phone. You could tap the reciever switch to put one call on hold and tap to go back and forth between the two calls (remember the Seinfeld episode ). But what would happen if you hung up the phone? BOTH calls would be hung up on obviously, and there was no way for you to hang up on just one of them. That is similar to what happens on Sprint.

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