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    I'm new to the Pre as I've recently gotten it. I am not familiar with all the coding and patching yet but I'm a very quick learner and have been trying but have run into a problem with applying my patches on my phone through Preware.

    Getting the error message:

    ErrorGenericMethodException: Failure during 'install' operation

    Then in pink under Install it says:

    wget: bad address ''

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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    did you install package manager service first? If not you have to do it is in the same place where you get preware
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    Thank you very much i reinstalled them in that order and all my patches are installing now. =) The only one that won't install now and is giving me the error:

    ErrorGenericMethodException: Failure during post-install script execution
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    this may help you

    corrupt patch removal

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