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    I put the below message on one of the forums, but in addition, i wanted to send it directly to you as you have proven to be pretty knowledgable with the pre. I would appreciate any help that you can provide.


    I just had a similar problem: Last night i attempted to install a patch and my pre bombed out in the middle of the installation with a "too many cards" error. I restarted my pre and found the patch to be on my installed packages list via preware. When i attempted to remove the patch, i received the IPKG error. I ran the emergency patch recovery tool which removed all my patches except that one. At this point i continue to receive the IPKG error when i try to remove that patch or install any other. I considered running the web os doctor, but would rather not lose everything i have on the phone. Any ideas???
    WebOS Repair utility is updated:
    take it out of compatibility mode and it should restore all your files without erasing any data... it might still list as being installed though... that is a different file. For that, I would suggest going to the irc channel #webos-internals and asking them. They will probably direct you to delete a file... or maybe epr will work after that...
    I think my last question will be, how do i take it out of compatability mode?
    there should be an option under tools or something... it does use the doctor file, but just compares the files and sees if they match...
    have you tried the irc channel yet? the folks there are much more knowledgeable than me...
    Portal:Community - WebOS Internals
    I received the above information via private message from elryon. Hope it helps
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    I can't get rid of the data in drop down menu.....I get that same error....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    The last time that I ran the EPR, it installed and allowed me to remove all patches. For whatever reason, it didn't remove them automatically. All is good at this point. I do find it strange that patches need to be removed and reinstalled for updating but I haven't written any so I won't complain about it. To my knowledge this only refers to patches. I haven't had any of these issues with apps.
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