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    Heya folks!

    Alright, this is making me crazy. I've tried every fix we have here in the forums at PreCentral, as well as the ones over at Palm's official forums, and no dice.

    Is it possible to write a patch for WebOS that allows you to delete gTalk (and other chat clients) contacts? As of right now, it pops a script that says the contact can't be deleted. This is really frustrating.

    I have deleted the contacts that I want removed from every interface I have with Google, both on my computer and my Pre, removed the accounts entirely from my Pre, rebooted my Pre, and then added them back to my Pre, all the while signed out from any Google program anywhere else. Any help would be welcome and appreciated!

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys have already put in to make this device SO much more amazing than it already was.

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    I would also like if you have your Gtalk synced with your phone that it would block your friends from showing up in your contacts !!!! I would like to keep them seperate !!!
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    Bumping this... dunno if it got lost in the forums or if it's even do-able.


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