I missed scrolling within browser coming from Palm device but since that is solved by new patch (thank god for that) I was wondering if there is a possibility of making a patch where we can use hardware keys to access menu options like in browser we can hold "B" and bookmarks menu shows up and "H" shows history. We can use gesture area as well if just pressing keys is not an option. So if holding gesture area and "B" shows bookmarks and same for history etc. This is just browser but if this functionality can be worked on we could access preferences in phone app by using "P" and many other apps got different menu options. I would love something like this and this will help many others as well. If you guys want this patch too please comment and rate so this thread generate enough interest for someone to make this patch. Thanks.

On side note I also hate scrolling when typing up any form in browser. I hate that when choosing state I live in (i.e. Texas) I have to scroll all the way down at the bottom instead of just typing T and it gets me to Tennessee. Same goes for other type of forms.

I would understand above mentioned solution for phone with virtual keyboard like iphone where there is no other option other than to scroll down or choose menu by clicking on it but for phone like Pre where there is hardware based keyboard there should not be this limitation however attractive the UI is.

Again thanks in advance.