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    I may be the only one with this issue, if so completely ignore me. But I am constantly accidently touching the upper right hand corner of the screen and pulling down the status menu... more often then not i also slip it into airplane mode.

    is there any way this whole menu can be disabled? I dont think i have ever ligitimately needed it, the rare times i turn bluetooth or wifi on and off i can go thru the launcher.

    anyone with me?
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    I don't ever turn on Airplane Mode... but I do hit that area ALL THE FRICKEN TIME for whatever reason and I have to always click off of it, probably 5+ times a day easy, and same, I don't ever turn WiFi or BT on and off enough for it to be worth having on, I'd rather disable it, i go through the launcher to access these things too
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    I do this way too much also, would love a way to tap twice or better yet swipe down like menu bar
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    +1 I hate when your trying to get a programs drop down options from the left but, insted the menu on the right drops down!

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