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    i just installed some patches and stuff with preware but I am confused what to do when a new update comes out. do i have to delete all my patches, filecoaster, preware and everything? or can i leave them on my pre? I'd really appreciate any info, thanks!
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    just install the emergency patch removal tool and this will revert all your patches to default. as far as apps i dont think you will need to worry
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    You definitely do not need to delete your apps, and the reality is you probably don't have to delete you patches either. I didn't remove mine with the last update and it went fine - the update simply overwrote my modified files.

    However, you should remove your patches before an update to be safe. If a patch modifies file A and an new update modifies file B - but not A - and B requires file A to work as originally provided, you could bork your phone.

    I'm not worried about it myself since I know WebOS Doctor will fix things if that happens, and I've personally disabled updates on my phone. If people start screaming on the boards about borked phones following an update, I'll remove my hacks before re-enabling the update daemon.

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