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    Just wondering if anyone else installed the "New Card For Each Messaging Conversation" tweak and not been able to uninstall it? I have unchecked the box in WebOS Quick Install but it still does it after I restart the phone. The tweak really seems to slow the messaging function down on my phone and creates a lot of lag. Anyone know how else I could possibly get rid of this one? Thanks!
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    open web osQI with phone hooked up and open tools, device manager , click on applications and patches will pop up scroll down to the patch and uninstall ,also if you dont see the patch in the patches list look under the applications list as well ,patches when they dont uninstall correctly sometimes get thrown in with the applications and i dont know why??!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Thanks for the help.. but I still couldn't find the patch in there. Maybe I'm stuck with this forever now.

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