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    I find that I keep several cards open at a time. classic, email, messaging, and maybe a web browser or to, though I believe web in particular causes battery drain.

    anyway I would like the gesture button to default to the tiny view of the cards instead of the default 3 card view. It is much faster for me to hit them this way, and you can navigate though 8 open cards with ease.

    its a small change, for an arguably small improvement. but if anyone could make such a patch i would be much obliged .
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    I remember reading this before and thought that it's a great idea. It is much easier to manage open cards when they are small. I also like seeing my wallpaper all the time - I have the hide quick launch and statusbar-scrim which gives my wallpaper more real estate. I really don't need the medium size card view at all.

    To the OP, maybe you need to change your thread subject to garner interest (Patch Request: always minimize card to small size...). Just a suggestion.
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    Bump. Any takers yet?
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    Buuump. This is a great idea.

    It's alot easier and faster to deal with the smaller sized cards
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    How about flip flop the views so the main view is small and click buttom of the screen makes it's bigger
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    ...or, how about, a second right to left swipe, makes them mini? (first swipe, right to left, takes card out of focus.)

    I find myself trying to do it all the time, anyway. ;-) & then think oh, yeah! that doesn't work. ....yet.
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    I requested this a month ago and got zero responses:

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with this request.
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    +1 bump. I too would like to see this ability maybe with launch to mini card view as well would be cool. Mini card view FTW!
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