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    Geez I hate the way this thing FORCES the upgrade on you with no option to say - 'leave me alone for a week'! Every time you charge it, it shoves the thing down your throat. I had all my patches/tweaks set and finally had Pre running with some usefulness and logic. Plugged in to charge and forgot to defer the 1.2.1 install and came back and it had done it automatically.

    I didn't uninstall all my tweaks so now the Pre is back to (sucking) factory type settings but cannot for life of me resolve it with QuickInstall - it thinks they are installed but they don't work. I have:

    -after the fact, gone into device management in WebOS Quickinstall and removed patches, rebooted again

    Regardless they still all show on the tweak page, although none are working on my Pre and selecting or deselecting in Quickinstall or Preware simply leads to error message (something along lines of 'Already installed?)

    Anyone with a clue? I don't.


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    Try repair utility 1.6. It worked for me.
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    see my post for corrupt patch removal
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    Also, if you have root access or install the Terminal app, it's easy to temporarily disable the Pre's auto-update process. You simply disable the program's 'execute' bit so the OS won't run it.

    As has been posted elsewhere, at a terminal root prompt, type:
    mount / -o remount,rw
    cd /usr/bin
    chmod -x UpdateDaemon
    To re-enable, run the same commands but do 'chmod +x UpdateDaemon' instead.
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    EDIT: nm
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