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    I have a patch to add the avatar and put it on the left, but it keeps saying hunks failed when I try to add it (using emulator, havent tried actual phone yet). I know the edits work when done by hand and other patches install fine... I'm just getting frustrated on why its not working...

    if anyone wants to try it...
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Avatar on Left Patch
    Call Rejecter Patch
    Make your messanger look like the iphone's
    SMS tone per Contact
    No Alert During call

    Thanks are always appreciated or for a really big Thanks you can always:
    (it can go a long way to convince my fiancee that this is worth my time)

    Please feel free to PM for more direct assistance.
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    I'm running into the same problems regardless of trying to install the patch through Quick Install or Preware.
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