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    Not sure if anyone has said anything, I did a search and dont want to step on toes, but is it possible to get a patch to run widgets on the phone. The phone is cleary faster than android phones and they can do it with no problem.
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    widgets you mean like having current weather, or a clock and a visible calendar in the cards view?

    doesnt sound too bad, but i really like the dashboard notifications system plust the cards. If it doesnt slow down the system it would be a nice addition.
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    yea talking about widgets that you can add weather alendar events etc on the home screen
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    This seems more like an app than a patch.

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    seems that way but there was an app that was made call AHS but it didn't put active widgets ont the background it put it into an app that turned into a card that doesn't stay up all the time
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    There is no mojo that controls the home screen touches, which is why something like AHS created it in its own card. I believe The home screen and quick launch bar stuff are handled inside closed source binaries.

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    So do you think the quick bar can have the widgets if the binaries were broken? Then there could be widgets attached to the quick launch bar or even break the binaries to expand the quick launch area to have like 2 rows one row of widgets and another of apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    This seems more like an app than a patch.
    And I think it would have to be a little of both , maybe a patch first to unlock the features to have an app run as a widget.....
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    is there a patch for this???
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    No, I am just requesting and throwing ideas out there so maybe it can be pushed through threads. maybe someone will be able to figure out some way some how to do it. if they figure out how to do the extra icon in the quick laucher bar then it shouldnt be to much to have it expandable and a little more like an active toolbar of widgets...(Just a thought)
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    Is it possible since the actual background can not hold widgets on it can a Launger Page hold active Widgets? Be able to actually click the launcher button or swipe up and you can have a designated page just for widgets or just having different widgets on different pages???? This would be pretty cool should work this way...with out using an actual card App... just a widget app

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