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    Also, mobile speeds are slow enough as is. Why did Palm see fit to cap download speeds in the first place???
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    For downloads you will see no more speed improvements, but if you use scp (Secure Copy) on a rooted pre, you will need to change your settings.

    Copy large file under scp without unthrottle = 65kb
    Copy large file under scp with unthrottle = 500kb
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    Quote Originally Posted by churro View Post
    really why is that? now its unthrottled from get go?
    Can anyone answer this question?
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    I'm having some trouble trying to update my Unthrottle Download Manager on my Sprint Pre. Either when I try to update or remove, it gives me an Error Updating: See IPKG Log. When I read, it comes up as Failed, -1: Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps/bin/sh/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/org.webosinternals.patches.misc-unthrottle-download-manager.prerm 2>&1. How can I update or remove?

    Thank you for your suggestions in advance.
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    Load Preware, Press list all, type 'emergency' and choose widely. Be sure and read up before you start choosing the wrong app. I'm in the parking lot waiting and unable to further elaborate.

    hope this will help.. (soneone want to link to the forum pages???)
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    I would say the best way to fix it is to use Jason's Repair Utility, this way you won't have to mess with other patches.
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    Thanks for the help! I'll give it a try.
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    I'm reading posts mentioning a "Unthrottle Download Manager" patch, but I can't find it. I've looked through all the lists in the Preware WebOS installer, and can't see an "unthrottle" in there anywhere.

    Help anyone?
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    Patches, misc, at the bottom of this list.
    or list of everything and type unthrot..
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    it's there,,look again,its there
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    Did you try a search? I just installed it today so it's indeed there... What version of webOS are you using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    Did you try a search? I just installed it today so it's indeed there... What version of webOS are you using?
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    Yeah then just open up Preware, type Unthrottle on the home-screen, hit enter, and there it should be.
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    This patch seems to kill my battery.
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    it is not this patch im sure i have had this on my phone forever and it has not messed with my battery
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    doesn't touch battery
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    I have had this patch since it came out and noticed no battery difference ever with it. At first I thought it improved it if anything.the faster something goes,the less time it has to work.thats what I figured,,,but then again,im an ***** so who knows.,,,lol
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    I was using the Unthrottle download manager but i did see a decrease in battery life. I check it by using Battery monitor. With the Unthrottle download manager my battery drain per hour was 13.56% and i did leave it out for a good hour. And without the patch i have 6.89%. And i did have the phone in the same spot for the same amount of time.
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    Maybe it could be something else then? on my phone at least.

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