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    I would like to see a patch that extends the length of time that a notification appears on a lock screen...

    It seems as though the current length is not enough even if the phone is right in front of you! By the time you glance at it, it's gone and you have to unlock the phone and check it. I mean it's not a huge deal, but I would like a longer preview of the incoming text so I know whether it is important or not. Maybe like a choice between 3 second delay, 5 second and maybe even 10.

    Just throwing this idea into the mix in case someone has the skills to pull it off. Please and thanks.

    -The twang
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    Do you mean the amount of time that the screen stays on when you receive a notifcation? When I get a notification, the notification bar stays open until I click on it or dismiss it.

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    The amount of time that a notification is shown on a locked screen while the pre is in standby.

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