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    I have had quite a few patches on the Pre since prior to 1.2.1 and reinstalled post 1.2.1.

    I had stayed away from the battery meter patches because people had noted some issues early on, however, I figured the patches have seemed more stable as they have evolved so I went for it.

    Well, the next morning I wake up to 1.2.1 update is ready to be REinstalled. I have had 1.2.1 since it was released. Since I didn't know a way to void the installation and didn't want to be endlessly bugged by it, I conceded the defeat and installed it. Figuring if it screwed up my Pre, I'd just webos doctor it because my virtual keyboard is down again, and my file manager service is also not running.

    Anyway, I think the battery percent patch caused 1.2.1 to redownload for some reason. Anyone else have this issue?
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    I've been using the Battery % instead of meter patch since it first showed up on the patch repository (and manually patched the files myself before that on webso1.1), and I have never had the "1.2.1 is ready" message after upgrading.
    Not to say that your theory is wrong, but that's my piece of anecdotal evidence.

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