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    I am not sure if this is a App or a Patch request. But I just spent a better part of the day removing my patches and homebrew apps to go to the Sprint store about a problem.

    My request...A simple tool to hide or remove any and all patches and homebrew apps. This way it is one simple click of an app or patch to reboot and everything is hiding. Go to the store, they look at it and then run it again and have everything return to normal with patches and homebrew apps.

    I know about the EPR patch. That is great. But we need something to just hide them temporarily. Or is this even possible? And would the store be able to detect these patches and apps.

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    I don't think they care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zebrazed View Post
    I don't think they care.
    Who are you referring to?

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    Probably the guys at the store?

    But ithink they do care if its a software problem. They shouldn't if it is a hardware malfunction...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Church Punk View Post
    Probably the guys at the store?

    But ithink they do care if its a software problem. They shouldn't if it is a hardware malfunction...
    Exactly. I had my pre at the sprint store yesterday and some of the workers there pee'd themselves when they saw the slight styling mods I made as well as the homebrews/functionality mods.

    I pointed them here and told them how easy it was, lets see what happens.
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    I don't think it's possible to implement a "hide patches" idea. There could be the ability to have all listed patches into a script that would uninstall them (similar to EPR), but with the option to install all the ones you had before into a single button (install all).

    Maybe something similar for Homebrew as well.

    When I replaced my first Pre, I was cautious of having my Pre in stock, but the second time I had to get it replaced I just sent it fully hacked, modded, and themed. They didn't notice or care. I knew more about the phone in all of the employees combined.

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    OK, thanks for the replies. I know that the sprint techs at the stores would say something about a software (homebrew, patch) issue causing a problem. But I don't know about hardware and having homebrew, patches installed. If there was a serious problem, they may say it was caused by the patch, etc...

    I think it is BS that we even have to worry about that. We pay the money for the phone and service. If there is a problem, they need to fix or replace it - NO Questions asked regardless if you hack your phone or not. It is my phone and I will do whatever the hell I want to it.

    I guess I will have to remove all patches and homebrew apps to appease the sprint store the next time I have an issue...which will be never :-)

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