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    I don't know how many people are using this, but I installed it last night, and it's really nice.

    One thing that I would like to change, though, is the color/size of the buttons/text. I narrowly avoided a misclick this morning thanks to the patch, but the buttons are still a little hard to read as you're in the process of waking up.
    Something with a little bit more contrast and larger text would go a long way.

    Would it be possible to have this added to the alarm button spacing patch?

    I would also like if the alarm could unlock the phone when it goes off (though I imagine this would take a little bit more hacking than changing some coloring/formatting)
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    +1 for larger font
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    nobody else has any thoughts on this? you guys all hop up in the morning, read the buttons just fine with a face full of sleep-eye-goobers?

    guess i'm just not a morning person...

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