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    The biggest thing I miss about my Treo 700wx is where the main screen displayed the next calendar event or two until it happened. I have missed or been late for so many events since getting the Pre it seems like the phone has made me dumber.
    Maybe the notification area at the bottom could be utilized for this. I have already looked at the apps that do similar things but do not work if the card is closed. I would prefer this to be something that always works, with the option to turn it off. I have discovered in other threads that there are quite a few other users in the same boat. I would absoloutely donate to the author who can make this happen error free.
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    this one would be great
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    Anyone? Please? I'm begging!
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    This is probably in my top 5 "Wants"
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    Totally agree - its the biggest thing i miss since trading in my i-phone
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    I would like to see it on the lock screen.
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    It seems that this isn't currently possible, or else surely someone would have done it already. It's another obvious feature that Palm left out.
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    I must confess, I have been cheating on my PRE and started looking at other phones. I am about over waiting on average functionality to come to the PRE. This phone was touted to be the best thing to hit the cell phone market since the introduction of the smart phone, yet everything involved with the phone has been half assed. From the advertising to the upgrades to the limited functionality of the phone, I am very disappointed. My Treo 700wx still has more functionality than the PRE. Yes the Treo does not have the combined email, combined search and multitasking but I would trade all of that for a decent calendar notification on the main screen of the PRE. I also find it amazing that even the most basic phones out right now are able to play video, yet our "iphone killer" PRE's can not even do that, much less record video. No wonder Palms stock is falling, they can not even bring basic, existing, phone functions to this supposed cutting edge operating system. The HTC phones are looking better and better every time I miss an appointment due to the crappy calendar that only tells you about your appointments once! What is the deal Palm? How about focusing on making this phone right instead of trying to crank out other models still running a crappy OS?
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    I was just about to post a request for something like this. Would be nice to see upcoming events on the main screen or at the screen lock screen.
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    i'm sorry, but I'm sick of complaint threads like this. Set up a damn calendar reminder. Just because this phone is not identical to your last one in features and function does not make it bad. Adjust a bit. When you move on from the pre you will likely ***** about all the ways your new phone differs from your pre...we are an adaptable species, you know. I'm sorry, I am just tired of 'my treo did this' threads.
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    something like intelliscreen...
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    +1 for intelliscreen

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