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    Is it possible to make a patch that would give you the ability to silence/mute a call, notification, calendar alert, etc... by pushing the volume buttons on the side. There are several cases when I want the ringtone on and not on vibrate but would like the availability to mute it after getting it.

    For example if I get an email or SMS text, I have to listen to the whole ringtone play for about 15 secs or so and would simply be easy enough to mute it by pressing a button or the screen. Not sure if there are anyone out there looking for suggestions on improving.
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    Pressing the Power button on the top right corner during a ring/alert should accomplish what you are looking for.
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    OR...turn the volume ALL THE WAY DOWN! I think you're trying to OVERthink this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by licotto View Post
    OR...turn the volume ALL THE WAY DOWN! I think you're trying to OVERthink this.
    I think he means he still wants the alert to come through, but if its not important, to be able to ignore it without having to hit "Hang up" or "Dismiss" or whatnot.

    OP, IF that is what you mean:

    I thought the volume button already does this? I'm pretty sure mine does... Whenever I get a call or text, I think I can just hit/hold the volume button (up or down) to cancel the sounds but let the notification continue... Does this not work for you?

    I'll try to do it consciously next time and double check... but i'm pretty sure i've done this before.

    I know all the old Palms were able to do this... In fact, there was a setting where you could change it to answer or ignore the current notification with any other input to the phone (other than the default "answer" or "dissmiss" buttons)
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    Hey, so its for me being On-Call with work at night. I receive maybe 40-50 alerts throughout the night and only have to respond to 10. I just tried to hold the volume button and pressed it as well and no luck. This does work for voice calls, but not on data alerts. thanks for your help

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