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    when i type something in and the wiki google keytoss twitter options comes up...the keytoss option is just a blank grey doesnt say key toss like it used to..any1 else having this problem?
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    What happens if you enter a search term (e.g., 'k list') and tap on the gray rectangle?

    Also, try going into the browser and start typing. Let me know if you see the 'K' icon appear.

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    ok if i enter a search term and hit empty gray rectangle it works as normal... (e.g. k list will bring up ktoss keywords) and in the browser the k icon does not appear but wat seems like a blank ribbon appears and it works just as if the 'k' icon was there
    hope that helps...o and i installed it with webosqi 2.82
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    Ok, I just uninstalled and then reinstalled the patch, and I see the same problem.

    I haven't made any changes to the patch at all, but apparently, all the patches were repackaged a couple days ago, and the KeyToss patch is now missing the images.

    I'll speak to the guys who handle the patch feed about getting it fixed. Sorry about that.
  5. #5,, and org.webosinternals.patches.universal-search-keytoss-keyword-search have been updated.

    Apologies for the inconvenience. As surmised, it was fall-out from adding the support for multiple webOS versions - these three patches were slightly different from the rest and didn't get picked up by the conversion scripts.

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    As rwhitby just stated, this patch has been fixed in the webOS-Patches repository feed. If you use Preware to maintain your patches, please initiate an "Update Feeds" from the Preware menu.
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    thanks guys u all rock...

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