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    I've got about 20 bookmarks, more than the paltry 12 that are visible in the card view bookmark list. (The default).

    The rest are visible, but only after the added step of hitting "Web" (menu) followed by "bookmarks". Then you get the more efficient list of links.

    I imagine the reason for the limited link list on the default menu is because of the rich graphics, it seems a bit sluggish to me, and I'm guessing more than 12 links would really bog it down.

    Why not, then, default right to the scrollable list of bookmark links? It would be nice to eliminate the ridiculous step of letting the first page load only have to click through to the real list.

    If anyone were able to engineer this patch, they'd get big thanks and praise from me, as well as beers if they were ever in Eugene.
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    +1 on this idea
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