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    I love the version 3 4X4 icons patch. I love that the launcher icons are large, but that I can still cram a ton of them onto one page.

    However, with the Fair Dinkum app limit removal patch, I've got TWO tons of apps installed. There are only a certain number of launcher pages that are practical, but I'm wondering: Would there be a mod of that patch available, which crammed FIVE icons per row, but made them the size of the old 4X4 patch, much like v3 made the 4X4 icons the size of the old 3X4 defaults?

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks.
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    I am going to guess there is not enough screen space but I could be wrong.
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    The icons would be the same size as they were in 4X4 versions 1 and 2, the text would be the same size as it is in 5X4 versions 1 and 2. Should work ok. It's just like 4X4v3, but with everything a little smaller.
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    its just not possible to fit that size app. icon into 5x4 screen lol theyw ould have to be smaller
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    its just not possible to fit that size app. icon into 5x4 screen lol theyw ould have to be smaller
    He's right. Plus you know you can add more launcher pages with a patch right?

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    Again, I've already added a number of launcher pages, but any more than 6 isn't really practical. I'm not sure I understand...if you could fit 4 "normal sized" icons into the new 4x4 version 3, why couldn't you fit 5 "smaller sized" icons into a similarly modified 5x4?

    I'm not asking for the icons to be the same size as they are in the default view, I'm no *****. Obviously those wouldn't fit. I'm just asking for them to be larger than they are in the current 5X4 option.

    Maybe I'm not being clear.

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    I'm with tennenho...I don't see why it's not possible. It's not about using the 'big' icons from 3x3 or the 4x4v3, it's about simply using something like the 4x4v1 & v2 icons on the 5x4. It seems all it would do is take up the HUGE dead space between the 5x4 icons!

    If someone who WORKS on the the icon patches could comment & let us know, that would be awesome!! thanks.

    @tennenho -have you gone to the patch pages for either of those patches & written to the dev's of them??
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    It is possible, I had made it.
    But then, a lot of the time, it doesn't let you move your icons, when you go to move them, they just sit there.

    WebOS flaw, isn't ready to handle all that....
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    So if it's been made, can the makers submit it to the Preware/WebOsInternals folks?
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    I just checked the code for 5x4v2 and the container width is set at 64 that means it is using the whole screen width of 320. so the empty around the image is from the icon image itself likely transparent background. The icon size stretches or shrinks to fit the size of the container.

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