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    for something that's easier on the eyes that inverses the colors of the browser until its disabled
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    More details please? What you are explaining seems impossible...

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    It sounds like you want a "dark" theme, and I too have pondered this. It would be nice when you're surfing in bed, or in low light situations.

    I don't believe you can do it though, because each web page has it's own stylesheet that the browser renders. Overriding a stylesheet like that on the global level would make quite a few sites unreadable/ugly.
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    Yes, a dark theme.

    Ubuntu has a function that inverses the color of any application (including video but my wish is just for mobile webpages such as the mobile version of precentral forums) with super key (windows key) + m, though its part of compiz I believe.

    So while we're at it, maybe a quick shortcut key combo like orange key + Sym + y to activate and disactivate would be nice. And the effect would simply be white text on a black background again, for the mobile version of precentral.

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