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    here in Germany, we have got 1.1.3 Firmware. So most of the WebOS Patches won't work So, is there a possibility to install 1.2.1 on my Palm Pre? So all Patches here would work I have a Palm Pre with o2 contract in Germany. Can I do this easily with WebOS Doctor ? Need a little bit help or is this to difficult at all?

    Greetz rondera
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    I am german too. I have WebOs 1.2.1 on my german palm pre.

    Just downloaded the Sprint WebOS doctor and installed the 1.2.1. It is done quickly and without problems.
    But there are a few step backs.

    The included Sprint Navigation does not work, Amazon MP3 does not work either. The System language can be either spanish or english and the app catalog is missing a few apps...
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    Hm ok, Navigation and Amazon Apps are not relevant for me... Thank You
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    Can anybody bring some ideas of what drawbacks there would be by doing this?

    Like, my first concern... Is it legal? Or what will happen when the next upgrade comes? will there be any incopability (say qwery system with qwertz keyboard? ) Etc...
    I wanna try the new patches too, but can survive without then
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    I was wondering the same, and also if someone in the UK had tried this? Can it be downgraded if it needs to go back?

    I think I will play with 1.1.3 for a bit before deciding, if as I have read 1.3 will be out soon it will become a non issue I guess.

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    teste my german pre with 1.2.1 all day long. I upgraded to 1.2.1 mainly because of the itunes support. It is kinda nice to auto sync podcasts and mp3s automatically with the pre.(I know the struggle between palm and apple can end this feature in the future...)

    The keyboard works like a charm. y=y, z=z, and so on.
    I can't say anything about legal issues. I can imagine with installing a foreign firmware you can loose your warranty. Furthermore there could be licensing issues with the sprint telenav and other apps.

    I could imagine things but the pre feels slower as before the upgrade. It could due to the increased amount of preinstalled apps or other things but the handling feels slower...
    I am missing the ,, automatic letter conversion while typing also.

    I think I will try to downgrade the pre soon again. It should be possible without problems. I read he also works when a "normal" pre within the same language or carrier firmware can be downgraded to a out-of-the box state.
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    regarding the automatic letter conversion, you can add your own word and letter conversions to the pre dictionary using AutoCorrect
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    thanks, I will try that. Got my pre since tuesday and I am still excited to try things. (and I am still unsure if I an going to miss my htc polaris...)
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    How do you get the Sprint webos doctor to use on my UK Palm Pre.. as it requires you to enter a serial number to download and my UK serial obviously doesn't work
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    I downloaded the Sprint WebOS Doctor through WebOSDoctorQuickinstall.jar I think. The WebOSDoctor should also be avaiable in forums or other homebrew developer sites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andybar View Post
    How do you get the Sprint webos doctor to use on my UK Palm Pre.. as it requires you to enter a serial number to download and my UK serial obviously doesn't work
    Here is the download to the UK WebOS doctor:

    perhaps you can supply us with the direct-dl link of the UK version after you got it

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