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    So my old POS motorola phone used to make a beep or vibrate (depending what setting it was on) whenever a text or missed call happened. Obviously the phone has this now but what I'm referring to is a follow up notification. There is that app now for the LED notification which is great but if the phone is in it's pouch or my pocket that LED is useless. It'd be nice if there was a setting to vibrate, or beep (depending which mode your phone is in) every minute, or 5 minutes, or whatever setting is appropriate to remind you that you have a missed notification. Often times when I'm walking I cannot feel my phone vibrate from a text/email. It's not until I think on my own to pull out my phone and check it do I discover a missed message. If it had a reminder vibrate/beep that went off periodically I might feel it once I'm off my feet.
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    what I'm referring to is a follow up notification.
    webOS doesn't offer this feature. It's baffling to be sure. My very first PCS phone had this technology. webOS is kind of one of these "one step forward two steps back" kind of technologies at the moment. PALM clearly released it about a year earlier than they should have.
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    I'm wondering if the code used to make the LED blink could be modified to play a sound too? (Not every 5 seconds of course - ha! Maybe each minute?)

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