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    I did it now manualy now it's working. Thx!!!
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    just got my pre back and wanted to install all those patches i've installed before and just wondered why a few of them are gone...
    so: where have they gone??

    for example the timestamp builtin and the delete-mark read all emails patch....
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    I need a volunteer running 1.1.3 to test out the installation of a patch for KeyToss Keyword Search. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurec View Post

    Btw the "hide music player" patch is installing but does not doeing anything.
    I have exactly the same issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrR View Post
    Installs but doesn't do what it's supposed to
    Hide Musicplayer App
    Did you ever find a cure for this? The Hide Music Player app patch installs for me as well but doesn't remove the icon.
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