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    <<Merged multiple request threads>>

    Would you want this to work like Android does using your Gmail groups you already have? That way you can do your grouping on your phone or from your computer.

    - Craig
    I could definitely make it work to have my gmail contact groups be the groupings. That would probably be best, then it would be universal across the 2 platforms!
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    I need to use group texting to do my job easier and just finished chatting with customer support. The directed me to the app catalog where there is an app that can be downloaded for free to allow you to group message. There is an ad that appears at the top of the app it is really small and doesn't seem to get in the way, but if you want it gone the site says a one dollar donation will remove the ads. Here is the link.

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    I searched for "txt group" in the app catalog and found it. Not sure how well it work yet, I only had time to set up my group so far.
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