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    I don't know about anyone else, but I for one would love to see a totally separate batch of sound settings for the silenced ringer option. Right now it's only got Vibrate, or Silence--which is of course the point of the silence switch--but I'd like to see a complete second set of ringer options for "silenced mode."

    Example: Maybe while the silent switch is on, I want a softer ringtone and silent notifications. Right now we can't do that, and we have to manually change the settings every time we want to silence one type of sound, or change sounds, etc.

    I think this would be rather swell, and fairly easy to do.
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    I totally agree with this request. The requested change would transform the Ringer On/Off Switch into a Ringer Type Switch with two seperate sets of settings. Sweet!

    I had a Motorola phone once that had 4 seperate sets of sound settings, which was very nice. It also allowed you to select which of the 4 sound sets was used when the phone was charging, and which one was used when it was not plugged in. It was so nice to know that when I went to bed at night, all I had to do was plug the phone into the charger, and it would automatically configure itself to the sound set that was best for night time.

    Anyway, I second the request for a patch that would modify the ringer switch in this fashion!


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