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    So you receive a text message from a friend that was sent to a group.
    • Primary Goal: I would like to be able to "Reply to All" of them.

    • Secondary Goal: I would also like to see who the recipients were on the original message you received.

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    e mail

    Actually I would like this option as well. Is this capability on other platforms?
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    I don't think this is directly available as SMS is a one-to-one message. If you send off the same message to five people, you actually send five separate and completely independent messages. I think something has to sit in between to manage the group functionality:

    A look at eight multi-person SMS services
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    I realize the reply would send multiple texts. But atleast everyone would get your reply, not just the original sender. I know email would be the preferred path todo this, but if the original sender uses sms, I can't change it. And you can't tell who received the original sms, so you can't use email to reply to all.
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    It may be that there is data included somehow. On my old Treo 750 on AT&T, I could go into "Message Properties" when I got an MMS and it would show me who a bulk message was sent to.

    Now that I write this, I remember that it didn't seem to work for SMS. I wonder if there is a fundamental difference between SMS and MMS?

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