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    I've seen several people run into this's happened to me a few times. I have a simple PIN lock set up. Whenever I turn the screen on and slide the lock up to enter the PIN, at the bottom left there is a large button that says "Emergency Call."

    Sometimes it's too easy to accidentally hit this button, which dials 911. I've noticed it happened when I would remove the phone from the touchstone. Not sure if I hit it accidentally or if it was some type of bug.

    So...would it be possible to create a patch to modify this somehow? I was thinking of several options:

    1) Completely disable the feature and remove it from the screen
    2) Add a prompt asking "Do you really want to call 911?"
    3) Make the button smaller and move it closer to the middle so it's not as easy to hit accidentally.
    4) Add a delay that says something like "911 will be dialed in ____ seconds" - where you could add in a delay of 3, 5, 10 seconds, whatever - the whole purpose of this would be to allow you time to cancel if you hit it by mistake.

    Is this possible?

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    #1 imo is not a good idea, you never know when you will need it. no matter what state your phone is in 911 needs to be available to you.

    #3 is what I would like to see and wished for all along. I tap buttons in Pandora by mistake too, the skip button is too close to the edge, its hard to hold without grazing it, at least with my hands.

    #2, and #4 are good ideas as well. The best solutions to me are #'s 3, 2, 4 in that order.

    Also maybe someone could make it where you have to tap twice. Like "double tap to call 911"
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    I agree with doing both #2 & #3 together.
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    I want it to be an option under Screen Lock.

    Emergency Call - Enable/Disable

    If I need to Dial 911 then I will go to the phone and do so. If I Need 911 myself... Then most likely I wont be able to dial 911 Myself.

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