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    Making my own patches and getting things added to git is a little beyond my realm of understanding, but there's still a bunch of patches that could use to be added. Some of them even have most of the work done, they seem to already be in patch format and just need to be added. I realize that this is all listed on the webos-Internals source patches page, but that page is pretty much dead since git started having patches and especially since Preware / webOS Quick Install can set them up now.

    I thought maybe if I called attention to it here people who know how to do it might add them. If this is inappropriate, I can delete the thread, but I thought it'd be helpful.

    MediaPlayer Ignore A, An, The: This one is basically already in patch format, just needs the patches for each file combined into one patch for all.
    Youtube Landscape: Already in patch format, just needs to be added to Preware - needs a special background.png which might cause issues in Preware?
    Change Alarm Snooze Length to 5min: Already in patch format.
    Change Alarm Button order: Already in patch format.

    There's a bunch of others as well that would require more work, they're at the main patches page: Portal:Patches to webOS - WebOS Internals

    A few of them will be difficult to add to Preware, but the Easy Shutter Sound Off is only one line, so it should be simple to make a patch for. Hide Media Sync option is two lines (one in each file) so again should be simple to do.
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    In the meantime, you can use the unpacked, basic .patch files in WebOSQuickInstall, and they'll be imported and applied on your device in the proper WebOS-Internals patching format (viewable in Device Management/Preware, uninstallable in the normal fashion, Emergency Patch Recovery compatible, etc.)
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    Yeah, the ones I use I actually just did manually on my Pre, but that's a good solution in the meantime as well.
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    Actually, it's simply not clear to me in what format and where to post the patches. For instance, I made a minor update to the Delete Browser History patch on the WebOS Source Patches page for 1.2 and 1.2.1 but as you said those pages aren't updated too much now. I'd be happy to provide some patch files for others, but I'm not sure how one goes about submitting them. I can't find any docs on exactly how they should be formatted or where they should be posted. I've looked around a few times - I thought for sure it would be a sticky here - but I'm apparently overlooking things or looking in the wrong places.
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    Found the answer to my own question, finally.

    Instructions on how to deliver patches is found at the end of the instructions on how to apply them: Applying Patches - WebOS Internals

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