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    I added a path that added the month / date in front of the date (it was in the "online repository") section of WebOSQuickInstall.

    Unfortunately I can't find a way to remove this patch. It is not listed under my installed patches in WebOSQuickInstall.
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    Can you uninstall it in Preware?
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    no i can't
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    I added the Add date - MM/DD/YY patch from the online repository and it shows up in the Device Management tab under tweaks. You can uninstall from there.
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    Visit the webos repair utility thread. Read the instructions in the 1st post. Use the app to replace the bar-assistant.jsjsjs $and$ $systemui$.$css$. $I$'$m$ $pretty$ $sure$ $those$ $are$ $the$ $ones$ $changed$ $by$ $this$ $patch$. $Note$ $just$ $to$ $be$ $safe$ $remove$ $any$ $other$ $patch$ $that$ $changes$ $that$ $bar$ $as$ $well$ $because$ $they$ $will$ $be$ $overwritten$ $as$ $well$ $and$ $preware$ $and$/$or$ $quick$ $install$ $may$ $have$ $problems$ $thinking$ $they$ $are$ $applied$ $still$.

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