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    I don't know if there's any demand out there for this, but I thought I'd ask and see if there's enough interest that someone would put together a patch for it.

    You see I have this medical condition, the doctor called it something I can't pronounce, I just call it fat finger-itis. Okay joking aside, one of the biggest gripes I've had since launch is there's no option to turn off the 'Enter key to send' functionality of the messaging application.

    At least once a week I find myself sending a partial message to someone because my fat thumb smacks the enter key in the middle of typing. Anyone else share this headache, or do I need to shave my thumb down on the bench grinder?

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    Look into a thumbectomy , and have it replaced with a stylus of some sort.
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    I did notice a patch with similar functionality in the patch discussion thread:

    'Messaging New line on Enter - Enter adds a line instead of sending the message.'

    I think an option to ignore the enter key completely would still be useful however.

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    I agree! I've sent out numerous partial text messages!

    I've also struggled with email. Since you use your fingers to move the screen around, I've inadvertently hit the "send" button several times.
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    This would be helpful. I like writing organized texts and sometimes there should be multiple paragraphs and being able to hit enter and just goto the next like would be clutch. I keep trying to do it an end up sending like 10 texts when it should be 3-4.
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    I've sent out numerous partial text messages too! the only thing that makes me with my pretty pre.
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    I use the patch that makes a new line when you hit the enter key. It has stopped all problems I had with sending partial text.
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    Why don't you just install the 'Messaging New line on Enter' patch? It's available on WebOS Quick Install and Preware...
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